Please note that sizes as specified below, in front of each artwork, are the original sizes. Other sizes (usually smaller) are available on request.














Psychedelic Jellyfish

45cm x 60cm

17.5" x 23.5"






The Woman at the Window

44cm x 30cm

17" x 11.5"









By Blowing on the Candle

75cm x 50cm

29.5" x 19.5"
















Sunrise in Winter at the Countryside

44cm x 30cm 

17" x 11.5"
















Low Tide at Twilight in Cancale

90cm x 60cm

35" x 24"








Child Playing in the Forest at Night

100cm x 100cm

39" x 39"









Springtime in the Fields

75cm x 50cm

29.5" x 20"









Life is in the Wood

42,5cm x 42,5cm

16.8" x 16.8"








The Dive

75cm x 50cm

29.5" x 20"









Port of Shadows

80cm x 65cm

31.5" x 25.5"








A Walk at the Beach in the 50s

75cm x 50cm 

29.5" x 20"














Kitesurf at Cap Blanc-Nez

75cm x 50cm

29.5" x 20"








The Woman and the Dragonfly

65cm x 80cm

25.5" x 31.5"














Woman Swimming in Autumn Leaves

50cm x 75cm

20" x 29.5









Sulkies on the Beach 1

75cm x 50cm

29.5" x 20"









Sulkies on the Beach 2

75cm x 50cm

29.5" x 20"







Antarctica Tour in the Near Future

59cm x 59cm

23" x 23"









Welcome to MAGA Circus

70cm x 70cm

27.5" x 27.5"







Philippeville Station

51cm x 51cm

20" x 20"







Like a Bird

105cm x 70cm

41" x 26"
















Portrait of a Veiled Woman

55cm x 70cm

21.5" x 27.5"








Declaration of Love

60cm x 60cm

23.5" x 23.5"









114cm x 97cm

45" 38"














Family Instinct

114cm x 97cm

45" x 38"















90cm x 60cm

35" x 24"